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Couple Steals a Toilet Seat…Gets Caught and Humiliated…

(The Epoch Times) The boorish behavior of some Chinese nationals when traveling abroad has brought such embarrassment to Beijing that China has issued a blacklist and publicized a guide on dos and don’ts for its subjects on vacation.

These warnings apparently fell on deaf ears in the recent case of a Chinese couple staying in Nagoya, Japan, when they saw fit to take a spare toilet seat from their hotel room.

The couple with their 5-year-old child, from Taizhou, a city in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, was part of a tour group visiting Japan, reported Chinese news portal Sina on Oct. 19. They found the spare toilet under their bed and decided to add it to their luggage.

The couple eventually sent the toilet seat back to the hotel after their tour guide was called up and told that it was the hospital’s backup toilet for the room, not a gratuity item or, as the couple claims to have believed, a leftover from the previous guests.

A figure from the Japan National Tourism Organisation showed a record 731,400 Chinese visitors to Japan in July. A Japanese term, bakugai or “explosive buying,” has new coined to describe the visitors’ buying habits — Japanese products have a strong reputation for quality.

In their written apology, the couple wrote that they had taken the toilet seat out of greed.

“We sincerely apologize, repent and hope the hotel will be able to deal with this incident with leniency,” wrote the couple. “We guarantee that such inappropriate behavior on our part will never happen again. We are very sorry.”

According to news Chinese media The Paper, the hotel has decided not to take any action against the couple.

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