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VIDEO: Filipino President Joins Russia Fan Club – “My Favorite Hero is Putin”

(AsiaOne) – Asked which presidential candidate he would get along with in the White House, Duterte on Friday said he was “better off in saying that my favourite hero is [Russian President Vladimir] Putin.”

“I would like to answer your question candidly, honestly, and truthfully. Problem is, personally, it doesn’t really matter much. But I’m a president of a country, and we have this splendid relation with America,” Duterte told a CNN reporter in Davao upon arriving in Beijing.

“And the fact that there are millions of Filipinos in your country… I cannot gamble an answer. Because either way, it would affect… they might create hostility and antagonism here. I’m better off in saying that my favourite hero is Putin,” he said.

 After his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Duterte said he was also considering talking to Putin, adding that “there are three of us against the world-China, Philippines, Russia.”
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