Dog Rape in India: Man Kills Dog and Rapes its Carcass

(Nature World News) In a horrifying incident that occurred in Hyberabad, an Indian man was arrested after brutally killing a pregnant dog and raping its carcass.

Giving details about the ghastly incident, the report added that Mohammed Jahangir, a resident, ordered her sons to check what was happening outside after hearing some unusual noise at around 7:00 a.m.

Aslam Khan, the Dog Rapist.  Screenshot from NDTV.com
Aslam Khan, the Dog Rapist. Screenshot from NDTV.com

Jahangir’s sons found the 22-year-old man sexually abusing the dog that is already dead. Inquirer notes that the dog was a stray and was fed by different families living in the area.

The report added that Khan tried to flee from the incident, but the neighbors were able to beat him and catch him.

“Aslam Khan confessed that he and a friend throttled the dog before performing the sexual act. We have sent the carcass of the pregnant canine to the government veterinary hospital at Rajendra Nagar for post-mortem,” a police officer told the Times of India.

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