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Video: Blogger Jailed for Rant Against Religion, Dead Political Leader

According to Community Action Network (CAN), a Singapore-based NGO, blogger Amos Yee, who was imprisoned on charges of “wounding religious feelings” of Christians and Muslims in an online YouTube video, has been transferred from maximum security prison to a medium security facility. Yee began serving a 6-week prison term on October 13 for his video rant, that also included criticism of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

The following is an update from the Facebook page of Community Action Network – “CAN Singapore”, an NGO that monitors civil and political rights in the tiny island-state:

#freeamosyee, interestingly, we have been informed that Amos has been transferred from Changi’s Men’s Prison to Tanah Merah Prison. We have also been informed that he has been threatened, slapped on the back and kicked while he was climbing up the stairs. A complaint has been lodged with the Prison Authorities, who had efficiently replied to say they will look into the matter. Amos’ mother has put in an urgent request for Amos to be moved to Home Detention.

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