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Tali-gram: How ISIS Sends Texts

FAM: In-depth analysis of ISIS’ preferred methods of communication in “secure” channels begins with the follow report from SCMP:

(SCMP) – For the Islamic State’s top Southeast Asian propagandist Bahrun Naim, the ultra-secure instant messaging app Telegram is a godsend as popular social networks Twitter and Facebook race to weed out web-savvy militants like him.

Berlin-based Telegram, created by the exiled Russian internet guru Pavel Durov, insists it is doing its best to curb exploitation by Islamic State (IS), but experts say the mobile app remains among the most favoured by foreign fighters looking to recruit and inspire followers back home.


The free-to-download messenger with over 100 million active global users allows the instant exchange of messages, photos and videos, much like rivals WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber.

Many users migrated to Telegram because of the belief that its end-to-end encryption technology – which keep communication private from start to finish – is superior to that of its competitors.

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