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What is “The Black Eagle”? China’s “Sharpest Sword” Shows Itself

China’s technological gap with the United States continues to narrow.

Two J-20 stealth fighters were introduced publicly for the first time ever, at the Zhuhai Air Show today.

The radar-evading jets swooped in, setting off alarms of cars nearby.

Although the J-20 jets passed by several times, the public will not be allowed to get too close to them at this show. Their design is still top secret, and thus, they will not be on display for viewing.

Nate Jaros at FighterSweep provided this analysis:

“If you haven’t been paying much attention to the jet fighter news lately, you may have missed something big. In fact, it doesn’t get a lot of press and over the past couple of years this new emerging threat really hasn’t been on anyone’s, ahem…radar, much at all.

We’re talking about the Chinese Chengdu J-20. What some are calling “the Chinese F-22 Raptor.” Also known in some circles as the “Black Eagle.”

The J-20 is still shrouded in secrecy, and the political closed doors of modern China are not saying much either. I don’t blame them. They are catching up in technology, and in this case fighter technology, and are committed to not being left behind.

China will have a fifth generation fighter, and its development of the J-20 (amongst other fifth gen platforms) is significant.”

Read More from Nate Here

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