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Beijing to Install New Dictator in Hong Kong

(The Epoch Times) –  Leung Chun-ying, the chief executive of Hong Kong, is not in good standing with the present Chinese leadership and will almost certainly not be endorsed for a second term come election time next March, Epoch Times has learned.

The source, an individual with authoritative information about the delicate political operations between China and Hong Kong, said that members of the Xi Jinping administration in Beijing are unified in opposition to Leung seeking another five-year term next year, and that he has “virtually no chance of getting reelected.”

Massive protests against the mainland Chinese government’s decision to restrictively pre-screen candidates for the leadership of Hong Kong in 2014 resulted in the vilification of Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, CY Leung. Photo Credit: SCMP

The source added: “He won’t be allowed to stay on, and can’t possibly stay on.”

Candidates for the office of Hong Kong Chief Executive typically try to seek some form of endorsement from Beijing; the latest round of elections are slated for the end of March 2017.

One of the reasons for Beijing’s estrangement from Leung is closely related with Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping taking the title of “core” leader after a key political conclave in the last week of October, the source said.

Since taking top office in 2012, Xi has been purging the Party of Jiang’s elements, and consolidating power. Xi’s formal assumption of status as paramount leader sends a message that the political strength of the previous “core” leader, former Party boss Jiang Zemin, is on the wane.

Former Chinese strongman Jiang Zemin’s influence, pictured here, is supposedly on the decline, and with it, the fortunes of political actors and entities aligned to him.

Leung is widely considered to be part of Jiang’s faction through his association with Zeng Qinghong, Jiang’s right-hand-man and former Chinese vice chairman. 

Shortly after he came to power in 2012, his administration sought to introduce a form of “national” education along guidelines issued by Beijing.


The protests against Beijing and CY Leung instead created prominent protest leaders such as Joshua Wong, who has managed to secure bipartisan support in the United States legislature for civil liberties in Hong Kong. (pictured above)

Hong Kong students don masks and braving tear gas during the November 2014 “Umbrella Revolution”. Photo Credit: Simon Wai

Many Hongkongers saw this as an attempt at communist brainwashing, and tens of thousands took the streets in protest.

Hong Kong’ers continue to voice out their displeasure at their Chief Executive, making his candidacy for re-election seem increasingly unlikely despite support from some factions in Beijing.


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