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10 Elected Hong Kong Officials Defied China. What Happens Now?

According to Chinese news portal Apple Daily, an additional ten Hong Kong lawmakers could be potentially subject to investigation for subversive activities against the Chinese government.

Photo Credit: Apple Daily
Images Credit: Apple Daily

After a top law-making body in Beijing issued a rare interpretation of Basic Law, the foundation of Hong Kong’s legal system, on Monday (Nov. 7), two democratically elected officials were barred from office permanently.

The lawmakers, Yau Wai-ching and Baggio Leung, had won seats in September elections to Hong Kong’s Legislative Council (LegCo), but after using a derogatory term to refer to the mainland and declaring Hong Kong was not part of China during their swearing-in session in October, the duo were not allowed to assume office.

The action by Beijing, which has increasingly tightened its grip on free speech and demonstrations in Hong Kong after 2014’s Umbrella Movement protests, has resulted in massive protests all over Hong Kong.

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