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We Are Phamily, Says Filipinos

The Philippines has been grabbing the headlines for a variety of reasons.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s pro-drug war and anti-US rhethoric has resulted in anger and violence, but as Christmas draws near, many Filipinos look forward to a season of celebration and reaffirmation of their faith in God and family in trying times.

Major broadcaster ABS-CBN reveals the inspiration behind their annual “Christmas Station ID”:

(ABS-CBN) – Nothing is impossible in life as long as we remain as one family in love and in faith.

We Filipinos are known for how deeply we cherish our family and our faith in God.

Our family has always been the foundation of our personal values and utmost source of support.

Our faith in God is our stronghold and armor against any adversity.

This is why despite all the trials we encounter, we remain hopeful and strong.

This Christmas, we are shining the spotlight on individuals, communities and organizations that are examples of determination to succeed and of commitment to improve their lives and the lives of others no matter what the difficulties are.

Our Kapamilya stars and personalities pay tribute and share the stories of these exemplary individuals and organizations that have triumphantly surpassed their challenging situations.

These stories of successes have now become sources of inspiration and encouragement to other Filipinos who also dream of changing their lives for the better.

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