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China Beefs up Military along North Korean Border

The Chinese Government is reportedly bulking up its Military Bases along the North Korean Border, in preparation for the collapse of Kim Jung-un’s Regime.

Reports have come in that Chinese Military personnel evacuated residents in the city of Longjing, which is located on the Chinese side of the border with North Korea.

A large scale military facility has been underway in Longjing since August.

The news of China beefing up its military come amid rising tensions in the area, following Pyongyang’s Nuclear Test in early September.

China has been expanding its military bases throughout Asia, and most recently have opened a runway for commercial aircrafts on an artificial island on the Fiery Cross Reef, an area which has also been claimed by Vietnam and the Philippines.  The military expansion on the border with North Korea is an unprecedented move by Beijing.

VIDEO: Dandong, another Chinese border city with North Korea, sees its trade and tourism industry suffers from geopolitical tensions. A normally brisk trade occurs between China and North Korea as the reclusive communist state depends on limited free enterprise to feed its starving people and its entrenched ruling elite. 

“The Chinese leadership seems to preparing for the collapse of the North Korean regime,” a Korean-Chinese source from Longjing was quoted as saying by UPI news agency.

North Korea responded in kind, and deployed a military outpost atop a mountain to observe military activity on the Chinese side of the border.

Despite the rising tensions and Beijing’s denouncement of Pyongyang’s Nuclear Test, North Korea remains a strong ally of strategic importance for China.

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