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Accused Rapist Teacher Beaten, Filmed

(Warning: Graphic Content)

A high school teacher surnamed Li in Xingtai city, Hebei province was detained by vigilantes on August 8 for having been caught allegedly sexually assaulting a student.

Xingtai’s beauty overshadowed by a tragic incident. (Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons)


In the video above, which circulated online, Li can be seen kneeling on the ground and covering his genitals.

A throng of people can be seen gathered around and with their camera lights pointed at the naked man. Voices can be heard saying: “Record him and send it to the media. This is a teacher with the Wei County First High School. We all know what he’s done and he has raped other girls before.”

Li was caught after having sexual relations with a female student and was then cornered by the girl’s parents and beaten up.

Li was treated for his injuries at a local hospital. The assault occurred on August 7 and Li was captured and made to strip the next day, before the local police got involved.

The local Bureau of Education released a statement that they are cooperating with police in their investigation of the matter.

There were a number of reports from those who knew Li, and claimed that he was set up by students and others who disliked him.  A further investigation is underway, and hopefully the truth on this situation comes to light.

Read the original story (Chinese) here 

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