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Can You Get Elected In Communist China?

In the latest edition of FAM’s special coverage on Democracy in China, we examine the intimidation which a BBC reporter encountered first hand on the out skirts of Beijing.

For some background information, China’s constitution does allow independent candidates to run in local elections but just like everything else in China, there is only one real law, and that is what the Communist Party says.


Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the heart of Beijing’s hútòng (Chinese:胡同, meaning old narrow alleyways), surrounded by sìhéyuàn (Chinese: 四合院, means a traditional four walled house) the capitals polling station is enveloped in the suns life giving rays. It is the picture perfect version of a peaceful and harmonious exercise of a universal democratic right.

But this is China, where if you only look at the surface, you will miss the dark reality of control by the Chinese Communist Party.

It is in the outskirts of Beijing where the BBC encountered the real underbelly manipulating China’s Society.

(BBC) – This is where Liu Huizhen, a 45-year-old woman, is running as an independent, an act which not only puts her life in danger, but her family’s as well.

Liu Huizhen, at centre wearing an orange scarf, is surrounded by police and other unidentified men who prevented her from campaigning. Simon Denyer/The Washington Post
Liu Huizhen, at centre wearing an orange scarf, is surrounded by police and other unidentified men who prevented her from campaigning. Photo Credit: Simon Denyer/The Washington Post

‘Not a puppet’

“She followed Chinese Law and has managed to secure the ten nominations from fellow citizens that are needed to allow her name to be included on the ballot. Despite this she is not campaigning.

Instead, she is living under constant surveillance and as found out firsthand by the BBC, when approaching Liu’s house, it was quickly surrounded by a group of unidentified men who stand in silence and block our way. This is a simple way the Chinese Government intimidates people they disagree with, basically place them under house arrest.


After finally being able to knock on the door Ms Liu appears. But this is interaction is cut short. Just as she begins to explain her reasoning for putting her name on the ballot, the government thugs force the door shut.” 

“Liu attempts to open a window but it too is forced shut by these gangsters and, just like that, she has been silenced.”

Watch below for the video of BBC’s Reporter John Subworth witnessing the bullying tactics employed by the Chinese Government to Independent Candidates.  

The Communist Party of China regularly employs thugs to intimidate political opposition and political dissidents.

Below is a video in which actor Christian Bale can be seen being harassed while he tries to meet with Blind Activist and self-taught Lawyer, Chen Guangcheng:


“Technically China is a democracy, where there are elections at the local level.  In turn these ‘elected’ officials, in turn ‘elect’ the higher level officials at the city and provincial levels.

These ‘elections’ continue all the way to the Ruling Politburo and Xi Jinping.  These ‘elections’ occur every 5 years over the span of months.  This week was Beijing’s turn and soon the whole country would have participated in Democracy with Chinese Characteristics.

Harassment of independent candidates is not new, as seen in this 2011 report:

Read BBC’s Original Article here.

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