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China Bans K-Pop To Protect Chinese Pop Culture

According to major Korean news outlet Chosun Ilbo (Korea Daily), China has cracked down further on Korean popular entertainment in order to “protect Chinese pop culture and society”.

Korean pop culture and music is enjoyed the world over. Photo Credit: Future Music Festival (Sydney, Australia)

Previously, Chinese state-run media had been extremely critical of South Korea’s decision to deploy THAAD, or Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). THAAD is a US anti-ballistic missile system designed to shoot down short, medium, and intermediate range ballistic missiles. 

In retaliation, China had previously banned one of Korea’s major exports, namely, its pop culture. It hopes to hurt South Korea by denying it access to its massive market.

China responded swiftly and in no uncertain terms through its state-run organs. Reports claimed that China wanted to “hit Korea where it hurt”.

China watchers that have been watching the drama unfold between the two countries discussed initial reports streaming in from Korean media.

It appears that China has justified its ban of Korean pop culture for several reasons, the key reason being “to protect the Chinese culture and Chinese pop culture industry from outside influence”.

China bans Korean Pop Culture, not because THAAD, but to protect Chinese culture and society, says government person in charge of censorship from China

Some highlights from the rough translations of the reports suggested that Korean pop culture posed a threat due to “men who are overly influencing Chinese women with softness”, and to push a “China Wave” instead of a “Korea Wave”.

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