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How Trump Will Tame The Tubby Tyrant

Donald Trump built his winning campaign on a message of nationalism: he would “never surrender” America or its people to the “false song of globalism”:

Trump’s list of enemies goes someting like this: Mexico, for shipping its criminals over here to steal jobs and cause crime, and China. Because trade. And jobs. And the devaluation of the currency and whatnot. 

According to the New York Times however, who have been admittedly out of touch with the American grassroots sentiment that elected Mr. Trump in the first place – said that the Donald would have to reconsider being “tough on China”.

He may need them because with as he has said in the past regarding North Korea and their erratic, tubby tyrany Kim Jong Un, the President-elect has said:

“We can’t play games with him….because he really has missiles. He really has nukes.”

Now that the campaign is over….Mr. Trump may have to scale back his “tough on China” rhetoric if he wants cooperation to tame the Kim regime. 

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