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Singapore Slasher Strikes At Local Mall

Graphic photos are circulating social media of an incident in Singapore. One 23-year old suspect has been arrested in conjunction with the bloody slashing of the unidentified victim, a 28 year old male.

At 5:50AM, paramedics arrived at Orchard Plaza, a popular shopping mall in Singapore.

Photos began circulating on Facebook of the man who laid on the ground in a pool of blood.

Investigations revealed that the fight was sparked after an argument over an unidentified woman.

Reports by mainstream news outlets revealed that several neighboring business owners had testified that violence was not uncommon and that the men usually fought over women. 

Certain locals took to social media to decry the absurdity that such a violent act would be perpetrated over such unworthy womenfolk.

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  • bubar PAP

    HAHA I agree, the girls at Orchard Plaza are definitely not worth getting stabbed over…