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Child Abuse at Kindergarten in China

Footage showing kindergarten teachers suspending a boy over a window sash has gone viral on Chinese social media, stirring up public debate about child abuse at Chinese schools.  The incidents occurred in Hengshui, Hebei about 3 hours south of Beijing.

This is not the first time abuse in Chinese schools have gone viral.  In 2012, a teacher would punish children in kindergarten by lifting boys by their ears.  This incident led to outrage, and netizens started a ‘human flesh search‘ (人肉搜索), which is similar to doxing or online vigilantism.

From QQ
From QQ

Recently there have been investigations into Sexual Abuse by a principal in Southern China.  When 6 girls cam froward, they were branded ‘Enemies of the State

More and more attention is being paid to the child abuse in China, with this problem being only part of a larger problem of Asian Values, those which places far too much emphasis on discipline.

A study said there had been 968 cases of sexual abuse of children reported in the media between 2013 and 2015, involving 1,790 victims. Wang Dawei of the People’s Public Security University said that, for every case that was reported, at least seven were not. That would imply China had 12,000 victims of child sexual abuse during that period. “I have never seen this many child sexual-assault cases, ever,”

Below is a video of a teacher physically abusing students.

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