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Liberal Elite Push for EMERGENCY RULE-era Council

In a press statement earlier this month, SUARAM, a human rights NGO based in Malaysia, dismissed the idea mooted by several elite members of Malaysian society to form a unity council that will “establish guidelines” for a “national recalibration”. The proposed council is the second incarnation of the first NCC, formed in response to the turbulent period of emergency rule and race riots in the country during the ’60s and ’70s.

“Prominent Malaysians” aka post-independence political and business elites – relish at the chance of formalizing their control over Malaysia.

Malaysia Today has published a piece with the proposed names of the members of this Elite Council that would “advise” the government. They include politicians representing ethnic minority-based parties, business leaders, and former civil servants, amongst others. Some, such as prominent banker and brother to the current Prime Minister, Nazir Razak, have publicly called for the NCC2 to be established.

Read why SUARAM, a Human Rights NGO, rejected the idea of elite governance:

(Suaram.net) – I understand the sentiments of “moderates” who are rightly alarmed at the increasing racism, religious bigotry and corruption in Malaysia and are proposing the establishment of a new ‘National Consultative Council’ (NCC2) like the one set up after May 13, 1969. But are they harbouring naïve views about how an NCC type approach can meaningfully address such concerns?

What a “councilmember” looks like: A “prominent person” supposedly named to the Council – Rafidah Aziz, a former Trade minister accused of corruption.

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