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Sex Workers are “Baby Factories”: Inside the Baby Trade

A number of women lawmakers in Malaysia have taken to social media to voice their disgust over the lack of action taken by local authorities towards the morally vile practice of baby-trafficking. 


The head of police, Inspector General Khalid Abu Bakar, insisted that it was “not that easy” to buy and sell babies as depicted in the documentary, and denied that Malaysia was a “hub” for selling babies.

Malaysia is one of the most prominent nations for human trafficking in Asia, for which it had earned a place on the U.S State Department’s Trafficking in Person report.

Critically, this issue has not surfaced on international media, but has instead been the subject of debate in local media as well as in Parliament. The Al-Jazeera documentary it appears, has managed to trigger a reaction, albeit a defensive one, from the government. 

Even members of the government called on the police to take (long overdue) action:

UPDATE: The police have reacted to the documentary’s release by questioning the Al-Jazeera journalists, and has conducted raids on facilities in the video (see below). But as the documentary shows, the deeply entrenched network of corruption does not end with a few police raids.

See original al-Jazeera documentary here


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  • Edwin anak KAYONG

    The whole system is CORRUPT – doctors, clinics, shelters, officials…..

  • Syed Sadistic

    All talk and no action…